Over the past 65 years, I received the intimate spiritual experiences spoken of below ... Acts of the Holy Spirit bringing about a progressive, transformative, healing, restorative work in my soul, heart, mind, body, life ... giving witness to the resurrected Spirit of Christ in and among Believers, the truth of the Kingdom Of God within and in our midst and the Sovereign Power of Father God and His unfolding Plan for each of us.

After being encouraged consistently by many, to write down and publish intimate testimonies of the love and Sovereignty of God in my/our life for the benefit of others and seeking HIS will on the matter myself, I received an inner knowing I was being called to create this Website, with the understanding soon I would be given writings for it.  I wondered what changes would take place so the time would open up for me to do so. Soon after, we were told our Season of Ministering as Inn Keepers at Listening Heart Farm Bed and Breakfast was to come to a close and we were to move back to our small cottage and live a simplified life, trusting Him to continue to provide, however He chose, as we sought Him for His priority day by day.  Shortly after, I was in awe when, without solicitation, a Believer gave me a check and said, 'The Lord told me to give you a years salary because God wants you to write.'

Not always knowing what the Spirit of the Lord wants me to write in advance, I ask, listen and wait for the Holy Spirit's priority, anointing and direction. I was given an inner knowing, I am to publish some of what I receive here and elsewhere as His unction comes upon me ... resting in the assurance Father God has a plan for us which is coming into being, enabling us to go with HIS flow and surrender to His manifested will and spiritual training; empowering us to walk in the Spirit and not after the desires and corrupted understanding of the finite flesh nature.

Below are Drafts and Original Copies of and Links to some of the Writings I am currently organizing into smaller free Books as directed of the Spirit of God. If His Spirit of truth within you gives witness to them, feel free to print them out and share them as led. Freely I receive, freely I give.  The first free Book, waiting to be Published at Fathers appointed time is entitled: 


Enter Into God's Rest  Where the Road Leads... A Spiritual Journey of Faith and the Heart of God    

'Like a Whirlwind the Heart of God, Who is the Spirit of Love, overtakes Us through the unfolding of an Eternal Plan established before the Foundations of the World.'

Acts of the Holy Spirit of God



'Where the Road Leads' ... A Spiritual Journey of Faith and the Heart of God                  

~ Deep Calling to Deep ~

There are many levels of perceiving reality... most of us are aware we comprehend and interpret life through a literal perspective, a finite, limited, natural way of observing and judging according to our 5 senses and previous experiences and conditionings before we are born of the Holy Spirit of God to fully embrace the New Covenant Father made for us through His Son Jesus the Christ.  Some of us are conscious of our moral, ethical perspectives as well, whereby one's thinking and thus lives are ruled through our intellect, our emotions, our ego, and our preconditioning through mindsets sometimes imposed upon us, ultimately influencing the desires and understandings of our Soul ... liberated or otherwise.  Through another perspective still, some of us hear and see with an ever increasing spiritual clarity and thus live fuller Spiritual lives through God's Spirit having awakened our Spiritual senses... giving us the gift of faith ... revealing mysteries previously hidden from us ... which touch our Spirit and restore our Soul with inner peace and joy. As such takes place exponentially... Deep cries out to deep within, enlightening and transforming Who we were only a moment before giving an inner witness to our Spiritual union with Father God's Holy Spirit within and in our midst ever urging us to be in His Presence ... to listen for His voice through the anointing of the resurrected Spirit of Christ ... to draw upon His power to walk in Spirit and truth and not after the flesh nature ... to desire to live in His Kingdom now, reconciled as Children of the most High. Children who have become new creations in and through Christ ... Eternal Spiritual Beings aware they are born of the Eternal Spirit of God.

As new Creations in and OF Christ, through our loving Father, let us let go of all preconditioning to receive with the mind of Christ as a Child of The Most High God

                      ~  Through the Unction of The Holy Spirit Within I Offer....  ~

After receiving my first Vision through my born again experience in 1978 and coming to recognize Father spoke to me in times past through a Dream which came to pass, I totally surrendered to whatever He desires.  I find, I have been given the desire to not limit His Infinite Spirit with my finite thinking. I diligently seek HIM to keep me in His Presence and to speak to me however He chooses. Below is some of His ways... and what He made alive within me in the doing.

'Jesus the Author and Finisher of Our Faith' ~ True Stories of Divine Intervention ~ Miracles ~ Visions ~ Dreams ~ Supernatural Visitations ~ Inspired and Prophetic Writings as experienced in my private life through my union with the Spirit of the Living God

'The Signature of God in Our Lives' ~ Prophetic Messages offered for the exercising of Spiritual discernment as we go through the inner regeneration, transformation, restoration process Father ordains for each of us. For those not yet aware... please know, the fulfillment of Vision, Dreams and Prophecy comes to pass in due season, gradually unfolding at times...  not always immediately nor as we first supposed. The coming of a Messiah was prophesied in Genesis, but not fulfilled until the birth of Christ and is yet to be revealed to those who would embrace the New Covenant of God offered in accordance to His Eternal Plan.


'As Seen through the Eyes of Eternity' ~  written through the witness of the Holy Spirit within that Believers have received the eternal mind of Christ and the power of His Living Word

'Messages to Enlighten and Encourage' ~ the Spiritual heart of God as revealed to me, which I am inspired to offer for your consideration before Him

'Meditating with My Fingertips' ~ anointed thoughts which come through moments of spiritual union and communion with the Spirit of the Lord


'May I suggest' ~ writings inspired through acts of the eternal Holy Spirit imparting spiritual wisdom and understanding during my journey of time here on earth

'Spiritually Inspired short, Short Stories' given to me with spiritual lessons cloaked within ... more to come

'A Journey in Time' ... Holy Spirit Inspired Prayers and Meditations which come from a heart which is daily touched and transformed by the Spirit of the living God giving witness to the resurrected Spirit of Christ and the fulfillment of the Covenants of God. A Journey in Time expresses my and our Heavenly Father's heart... with words of love and appreciation. I offer them through the gift of prayer, praise and worship inspired through our union with the Holy Spirit of God... Who gives witness to the fulfillment of His promises, historically preserved for us in the words of Jesus Christ and Prophets sent of our Father.  I share them through what I sense is my part in the continual unfolding of Father's eternal plan. As one body alive through the resurrected Spirit of Christ may we be united in Spirit and Truth as we consider these prayers as a form of Worship before His Throne of Grace


Bless You Father...  May that which is offered here ever be a witness to Your loving works as Our Heavenly Father in the hearts and lives of Your Spiritual Family ...  establishing Your Holy Kingdom of love... truth.... light and eternal life ... on earth and within Us now ... as it already exists in Heaven ... manifesting Your will through answered prayers according to the unfolding of Your Divine plan for us. May You be blessed and magnified in the fulfilling of Your promises to us all.  May we come to know You... Your Spiritual truth... ourselves as Your family intimately... as we become who we were created to BE as Your offspring, eternal Spiritual Beings alive through Your eternal Spirit having given us life eternal as New Creations ... Overcomer's through Christ our Lord 


Please... feel free to copy any of this and give it to those not yet on the Internet ...  Freely I have received  freely I give 



I was led to offer the above testimonies of Divine intervention by way of encouragement, enlightenment and comfort ... Having been inspired to offer honest samples of Father's intimate work/words/inner knowing imparted... my prayer is, if you are not doing so already, you will receive the hunger needed to seek the Spirit of the Lord yourself for His truth, His reality in your life and the lives of others... that each of us might joyfully embrace and experience His truth according to Father's will ... as a member of the Body and Family of Christ, please consider joining me in prayer: Bless You Father... for revealing experientially, with an inner knowing You impart, that we can trust in Your goodness... in the fulfillment of Your promises in due season...  in Who You manifest Your Spirit to Be; and thereby enter into Your rest, an awareness of Your Finished works for our lives.  Thank You for sending Jesus to be the initiator and perfecter of Our Faith... for sending Him to reveal to us Your New Covenant ... the Good News of Your Gospel... the Gospel of Your Kingdom... and Your promise to send Your Holy Spirit to empower us to become Who You created Us to Be through love and holiness and Your manifested will. Bless You for the acts of the Holy Spirit in our life, which give witness to the resurrected Spirit of Christ within and among us today... Who gives witness to Your Kingdom and Kingdom living among Your family in past and present generations.  Thank You for empowering us to live in Your Kingdom as Overcomer's now and not just when we have left the cloak of our flesh or finite Spirit behind.  May those who read/hear what You have given through me, other Vessels of Your Spirit come before You to receive only that which You desire for them.  Thank You... May Your intention for inspiring me to write of You and Your will, come into being. May all YOU want to impart be known/experienced by Your Own... bringing You blessings beyond measure. Thank You for love and life and it more abundantly through Christ. Bless You for the new birth experience You ordain as our Spiritual reality and all which You purpose for each of us.



Thank you for considering this Website: testimonies of our intimate relationship with God Our Father and His Son brought about through the fulfillment of Fathers promise to Jesus to send His Holy Spirit to abide within us with His overcoming power, fulfilling the prayer Father gave Jesus to teach us as recorded in Luke 11 , establishing His Kingdom on earth now... within and among Believers, as it already is in the Kingdom of Heaven ... exponentially revealing from generation to generation Father's sovereign power, timing and unfolding eternal plan through the acts of the Holy Spirit; Jesus having been sent of Our Father, in the Name of the Lord as the initiator and completer, perfecter of Our faith, imparting as a seed of life, an inner knowing, nothing and no one can take away, and only the power of Almighty God can bring to fruition... having deemed it to Be in HIS perfect timing.


 Father has turned another page in our lives revealing His plans for us in 2014 and beyond. As moved by His Holy Spirit within, I am to take some of the above drafts and writings I have on file and after fine tuning them, turn them into free E-Books, so they can be read on other devices. 

Currently I am fine tuning the Book
'A Journey in Time' Holy Spirit Inspired Prayers and Meditations

In the meantime you can reach me Bren, personally and or read other types of materials through the following links


May we each come to recognize and identify with Father's Holy Spirit within us. Bless You Father for causing us to become fully alive in Jesus according to the unfolding of Your eternal Plan, which conforms us into His Image and Likeness, the Image of You. Thank You we can rest in the knowing in Your perfecting timing Your Brilliance is made known.

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